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Florida Nurses Association Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Florida Nurses Association

Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 30
Deadline : Jun 01, 2024

The Florida Nurses Foundation exists to promote nursing and delivery of healthcare through the advancement of research, education and practice. Each year, the Foundation awards scholarships and grants to qualified registered nurses and students. The Foundation has been able to support hundreds of nurses over the decades thanks to the hard work and generous donations of FNA members. There are over 30 scholarships and grants that have been endowed by FNA members.

Scholarship Process

Please refer to the Scholarship Application Guidelines for requirements, criteria, and submission process.

Scholarship Application Guidelines                                                    

The annual submission window is January 1 - June 1.  We do not accept submissions outside of this window. Please note that applicants do not apply for a specific scholarship, but are matched to the scholarship which best fits their qualifications.          

June 1 is the application submission deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The window for submitting scholarship applications is currently open. The window will close on June 1, 2024. Scholarships will be awarded in September 2024.

Below is a listing of the scholarships and grants that are available through the Florida Nurses Foundation. Each year, the Foundation Trustees review applications and match applicants to available scholarships and/or grants. This list is provided for reference only. Applicants do not apply for a specific scholarship or grant. Their applications are reviewed and matched to the scholarship/grant which they fit the criteria for.

Scholarship Applicant Requirements - PLEASE REVIEW BEFORE PROCEEDING


  • Be enrolled in a nationally accredited nursing program, either through ACEN or CCNE accreditation,
  • Be enrolled in an associate, baccalaureate, master’s degree nursing program, or doctoral program (nurses enrolled in doctoral programs are not restricted to nursing specialties),
  • Have completed at least one (1) semester in current nursing program by the June 1st application deadline,
  • Have resided in Florida for at least one (1) year and must reside in Florida throughout the term of the scholarship.


The FNF Board of Trustees use the following criteria to select candidates:

  • Unless otherwise designated by an individual fund, GPA requirements are as follows:
    • Undergraduate: 2.5 minimum GPA
    • Graduate: 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Potential for contribution to the nursing profession and society
  • Additional criteria designated by individual scholarship fund requirements (for additional information visit the Scholarship and Grants page of www.floridanurse.org/ScholarshipsGrants)


The following items consitute a complete application. Please review the items on this list and ensure that all are submitted prior to the June 1 deadline for your application to be considered complete.


Be sure to complete every field with requested information as best you can. You will be asked to submit information about:

  • Your School and Program (such as dates enrolled, area of study, etc.)
  • Your Education, Experience, and Professional Activities
  • Your Financial Information including your income, spouse's income, and number of dependents

You will also be asked to write:

  • Statement of Need
  • Statement of Goals/Potential for Contribution

Space is provided in the application form. Do not exceed the space provided for each. You may type your statements in advance on a word document and copy and paste the text into the online form.


Upload references from individuals who can address your academic aptitude, scholarship, seriousness of purpose, and/or your clinical expertise. Be sure that your name is NOT included on either of your reference forms.  TWO references are required. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE REFERENCE FORM BELOW.


Upload a copy of current driver’s license or voter registration card.  If issued within the past year, you must provide other proof of residency. Contact fnaoffice@floridanurse.org for additional acceptable proofs of residency.


Must be mailed directly from your school or in an envelope signed and sealed by a school official.  Mail to Florida Nurses Foundation, P.O. Box 536985, Orlando, FL 32853-6985.  You are responsible for ensuring it is delivered by the June 1st deadline.

*This is the only document that will not be uploaded with the rest of the application materials on the online application form. Your application will be set in pending status until your transcript has been received. When your transcript has been received, you will receive a notice that your application has been moved into accepted status. Accepted status means that it will be submitted for review - it does not mean that you have been awarded a scholarship.


  • Applications must be submitted on the application upload page on www.floridanurse.org. Only completed application packets will be reviewed. Refer to the application checklist below for the required documentation.
  • Applicants will be notified by email if application is incomplete. Application will only be considered if necessary documents are resubmitted before the June 1st deadline.
  • Once you upload your application packet, you will receive a confirmation email of receipt from the Florida Nurses Foundation. Please keep this receipt for your records.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that current official transcripts are delivered to the Florida Nurses Foundation by the deadline date of June 1st or the application will be considered incomplete and ineligible for review.
  • You are requested to make a copy of your application materials for your records. The original and all supporting documents are to become the property of the Florida Nurses Foundation and are not returnable.
  • Funds will be awarded and names of recipients will be announced between August and September of the award year. On years that Membership Assembly is held, recipients will be invited to accept their award during the annual scholarship awarding ceremony. Please do not call before August to see if you have received a Florida Nurses Foundation scholarship. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Recipients who withdraw from the nursing program before completing the semester/year for which this scholarship applies agree to repay to the Florida Nurses Foundation the sum advanced.
  • Recipients agree to participate in follow-up surveys related to the Scholarship Program.
  • Recipients consent to the publication and public distribution, including through news media and websites, of the announcement of scholarship funding (including digital photos), either as part of the awards promotional activities or for other educational processes.
  • The APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 1st of the current application year. No exceptions will be made for late applications

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