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How to Become a Public Relations Specialist

Bachelor's degree

Most public relations specialists require a bachelor's degree. The majority of candidates prefer candidates who have studied one of the following: business, journalism, English, public relations or communications.

Work Experience

Public relations departments or internships at other businesses can be useful for earning a job as a public relations' specialist. Certain employers prefer candidates who have exceptional experience communicating with individuals in leadership positions in their community such as through a school newspaper.

Education & Training

Most specialists require a bachelor's degree in one of the aforementioned areas of study. Through these programs, students build a portfolio of work that showcases their abilities to prospective employers.


Typically, entry-level workers start by collecting information for pamphlets and speeches, retaining relevant media articles after reading and maintaining files regarding an organization's activities. Once experience is gained, public relations specialists start to write speeches, articles for publication and news releases along with carrying out public relations work.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Interpersonal skills: Public relations specialists frequently work with the media and the public. They must be friendly and open in order to maintain a positive image for their organization.

Organizational skills: Public relations specialists are commonly in charge of managing a variety of events simultaneously; therefore, strong organizational skills are vital.

Problem-solving skills: Public relations specialists often have to disclose who a client or a company is dealing with sensitive issues. They must rely on good judgment regarding what they report and how it is reported.

Speaking skills: Public relations specialists often speak on behalf of the organization they are affiliated with and need to clearly articulate their organization's position.

Writing skills: It is vital that public relations specialists can write clearly and concisely for speeches and press releases. They must be capable of sharing the key messages they want to share in a succinct manner to capture the attention of busy listeners or readers.