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Broward Education Foundation Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Sponsored by Broward Education Foundation

Value: $3,000
Awards Available: 100
Deadline : Apr 01, 2024

Broward Education Foundation raises money to provide scholarships for deserving graduating seniors from Broward County Public Schools to help them realize their dreams of attending college. Generously funded by donors and with support from Broward Advisors for Continuing Education (BRACE), qualifying Broward County students can receive scholarships to attend a community college, university or vocational school.

Since its creation, Broward Education Foundation’s Scholarship Fund has provided more than 5,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors, valued at more than $13M.

Who Can Apply

Student selection is based on unmet financial need and additional criteria when specified. Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors who have exhausted all other avenues for financial aid and still fall short of the financial means necessary to attend state or community college, university or vocational school. Broward County Public Schools graduating seniors are encouraged to apply for the many different scholarships that are offered through Broward Education Foundation.

When to Apply

  • Applications are accepted from October to April of each school year.
  • Throughout the year, BRACE Advisors encourage students to apply for scholarships. Community and business leaders, together with BRACE Advisors comprise the committee that conducts the review and selection of scholarship recipients.


To be selected for a Broward Education Foundation Scholarship, applicants must be eligible to qualify for consideration, therefore you must meet the following criteria and requirements:  

  • If the recipient is found to not qualify for the award they have been selected and notified to receive due to a submission error, change in circumstance, omission of information, or false statements that have been used to qualify for the award, the Broward Education Foundation and/or the Sponsor may revoke the award with no alternate funding options required by the Foundation or the Sponsor.
  • Be accepted and enroll as a full-time degree or certificate-seeking student at an accredited college, university or technical college in 2024-25.
  • Meet the Florida residency requirements of at least 1 year prior to selection.


  • a 2024 State of Florida GED certificate earned through the Broward County Public Schools


  • be a 2024 Broward County Public School technical college program completer or attendee.


  • a complete online application by April 1, 2024.  
  • a complete online FAFSA (Free Federal Financial Aid Application) starting November, 2023.  FAFSA open now for Summer 2024.  NEW FAFSA Application for Fall 24 to open after December.
  • hard copies of all required documents uploaded no later than April 1, 2024.
  • Complete any and all essay requirements for any scholarship for which you are applying that requires an essay.

Some scholarship opportunities have additional criteria.  The following requirements may be a factor in the selection of an applicant for various scholarships.

  • Some of our scholarships are tuition scholarships from Florida Prepaid.  In order to be eligible to receive a Florida Prepaid Scholarship in the Stanley Tate Stars Program you must be in the Free or Reduced Lunch program, have completed and returned the Free or Reduced Lunch Eligibility Letter, permission to request your Eligibility Letter indicating your eligibility for Free/Reduced Lunch and dates that you met and continue to meet with your Brace Advisor, Mentor and or School Counselor throughout your 11th and 12th grade year.  Remember:  There are various kinds of scholarships available, even if you do not qualify for one of the Florida Prepaid scholarships there are plenty of other opportunities within this application.  (This bullet will not apply to everyone.)  IMPORTANT:  EVEN IF YOU ARE RECEIVING FREE/REDUCED LUNCH, PLEASE REMEMBER TO APPLY FOR FREE/REDUCED LUNCH.  FOR SCHOLARSHIP PURPOSES: THE PANDEMIC ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IS NOT THE SAME AS RECEIVING ELIGIBLITY THORUGH THE DISTRICT APPLICATION.

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